How to Use SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates SSL protocol for providing a certificate, by between the client browser and the WEB server to establish a secure SSL channel, the network transmission of data is encrypted to prevent data from being intercepted or tapped. An SSL certificate includes a public key and a private key: The public key is mainly used for encrypted private key is primarily used to interpret the encrypted information. When pointing your browser to secure domains, SSL protocol synchronizes confirm the client and server, and to establish an encryption method and a unique session key between the two, so you can call to ensure both the integrity and confidentiality of information sex.

SSL protocol provides services mainly include:

Authenticate the user and the server, make sure to send data to the correct client and server;
Encrypt data to prevent data from being stolen midway;
Maintain data integrity to ensure data is not changed during transmission.
Because the Internet is transmitted in the clear, we have all kinds of information entered online are likely to be seen. The SSL certificate can be encrypted for our precise transfer information, make sure not to be compromised. We look at the particular SSL certificate which reflects its importance in several aspects.

Ensure the security of information transmission. When users visit the Web site for network transactions, we need to transfer to the server transaction number information that is most directly related to confidential information as well as the economic interests of users, and SSL certificates can prevent information leakage.
Improve the authenticity of the site. Today exist on the network with some irregular site, which makes a lot of users to increase vigilance to prevent spoofing, SSL certificate and whether it has also been used as an important indicator for the majority of users to judge the authenticity of the site.
Increase traffic to your site and the success rate of transactions. We can say that this is a chain reaction after the user has confirmed the authenticity of the site triggered. After the user to establish a sense of trust for the site is likely to continue to visit the website or transactions.
Contribute to the healthy development of enterprises. Deploy SSL certificate to prove that it has complied with relevant laws and regulations required to take reliable technical measures, which is critical for the healthy development of enterprises.
SSL protocol has become the global standard in the field of Internet, SSL technology has been built into all the main browsers and WEB server program, we only need to deploy SSL certificates can activate the relevant function.

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