What is SSL Certificate?

SSL is a protocol to use the SSL protocol, organization or enterprise need an SSL certificate. SSL Certificate is a small data file that contains detailed information about your organization’s key typically contains:


    * Your domain name or server name
* Your company’s name and address
* In some cases, your contact details


To activate the browser SSL transmission function, organizations need to apply and install it on their server SSL certificate. According to the type of certificate applications, organizations need to go through different levels of review. Once the certificate is installed, it is possible through Https: //www.domain … to access the Web site, accessed via this address will tell the server and the browser to establish a secure connection. Once the connection is established when the security is completed, all data transfers between the server and the browser are safe and reliable.


SSL certificate must be issued by a trusted CA’s root certificate. To make the trusted certificate, the CA root certificate must be installed on the user’s terminal equipment.If the certificate is not trusted, the browser will display an error message to the end-user certificate is not trusted. In a business situation, this error message will result in the immediate lack of trust users of the site, the use of untrusted certificate sites, you are braving the risk of losing the trust of the majority of users and business opportunities.


The GlobalSign company, is a CA trusted. This is because the major browsers and operating system vendors, such as Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera, Blackberry, Java, are believed GlobalSign is a legitimate CA, is trusted SSL certificate authority. CA root certificate embedded it to more applications, devices, and browsers, which issued the SSL certificate can be better recognized.


Root embedded policy – make sure that you get the most of every intuitive customer security


Embedded GlobalSign Root Certificate program has been carried out for more than ten years. This program ensures that from the mainland United States, Britain, Europe, and in-house engineers in Asia, capable and applications, device and browser vendors maintain ongoing communication to ensure the GlobalSign root certificate can be installed at every possible use SSL transmission place.

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