What is SSL ( Secure Socket Layer)

SSL means Secure Sockets Layer (and transport layer protocol TLS) is currently the most widely used security protocols. Between its connected via the Internet or internal network, to operate two machines, providing a safe passage. When the browser through the unreliable Internet connection with the server safely, we can usually see SSL technology is used therein.


To learn more about what is SSL, we need technically. SSL was a transport protocol when the two sides established a secure transmission of transmission; it rarely needs to end users perform other operations.In the browser, for example, the user through the browser displays a small lock icon, you can tell when you’re using SSL transmission, if you use a more advanced EV SSL, then in addition to displaying the small lock icon in your browser’s address bar will It turns green. This is the key to the success of SSL – For end users, this is a simple experience beyond imagination.

In practice, SSL how to get the application in modern business in it?

Such as credit card transactions and other network traffic. In 2006 alone, there are 210 million users, personal computers, laptops, PDA and mobile phone, online payments over $ 130,000,000,000. You should use SSL to protect every such a deal!

    Other network traffic, such as landing pages, web forms, webmail, control panel or any other area in need of protection web pages. 
    Over https and FTP file transfer services, such as website owners to update their sites pages. 
    E-mail client program to connect to the mail servers, such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange between. 
    Based on the internal network communication, such as intranets, extranets and database connections.    
    All of these applications, all have some common characteristics:
    Data transmission over the Internet or a network, and confidential, in other words, people do not want their credit card details exposed on the network. 
    Data must be kept intact, that is, once the credit card details and sent deduct the sum of expenses, hackers can not change the total costs and capital flows in the middle part. 
    Your organization or business must be to your customers or users outside the network guarantee you it’s yours and not someone else masquerading as you. 
    Your organization or enterprise must comply with the relevant data privacy and security of the integrity of regional, national, and global rules.

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